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Much of the work Mike handles is based on referrals from other attorneys. He is well known for providing the skills and resources that effectively complement existing legal teams. Mike is repeatedly called on by other lawyers for his insights during every phase of high-stakes litigation, from initial filings to final verdict.



Mike has built his professional record trying serious and significant cases in state and federal jurisdictions nationwide.  Other attorneys turn to Kaeske Law Firm to prepare a case for trial.  In addition to being creative and collaborative, Mike and the Kaeske Law Firm deliver the extra firepower required to achieve clients’ legal objectives.




American Association for Justice



Texas Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters legal division, (2003-04, 2011, 2013-16, 2019-present)

Best Lawyers in Dallas Under 40 by D Magazine, (2002, 2004)

Texas Bar Foundation member (2018-present)



U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas



The University of Texas School of Law, J.D., 1995

The University of Texas at Austin, M.B.A., 1995

Syracuse University, B.A., International Relations and Philosophy, summa cum laude, 1991

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Eric and Mike met at Syracuse University. Their friendship has now spanned more than three decades, and their working relationship more than two.


As the Managing Attorney for the Kaeske Law Firm, Eric is responsible for intake, client communication, technical support, and daily litigation matters.


Litigation today requires expertise in the digital space. Eric serves as the firm’s Information Technology expert. He handles any issues dealing with the firms’ computers and files.  Eric is responsible for the storage, retrieval, transmission, and processing of data and information that is required as a part of our litigation practice and modern discovery practice.


Eric has a genuine gift for electronic case management. He has become an expert in e-discovery matters and large document review and production projects. Eric’s skills provide the firm with the expertise needed to manage any type of document productions. He spearheads the firm’s forensic document reviews and coordinates the review and production using the latest software technologies.


Eric is a former active-duty U.S. Army officer and Army National Guard machine gunner. He also is an Eagle Scout and serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster. He has three children and lives in West Lake Hills.



Texas Military Officers Association

Boy Scouts of America



U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas



Texas Tech University School of Law, J.D., 1999

Syracuse University, B.A., International Relations, 1991


With more than 30 years as a trial lawyer, Lynn Bradshaw has dedicated her career to representing individuals in serious personal injury, worker exposure, and environmental justice litigation.

After graduating from Columbia Law School, and working at Mayor, Day & Caldwell in Houston, she joined Cook & Wallace, a boutique plaintiff’s litigation in downtown Houston. Some of the highlights of her work included Ford Bronco II vehicle rollover cases, Firestone, and General Tire tread separation cases, as well as other automotive defect cases on a nationwide basis. She also prosecuted serious worker injury cases involving exposure to asbestos and silica. Ms. Bradshaw became a partner in the firm of Cook, Doyle and Bradshaw, having the honor and pleasure to work with Russell Cook, an incredible mentor and one of the best plaintiff’s trial lawyers she could have trained with in the early years of her career.

She then joined Kaeske Law Firm almost two decades ago, and now handles significant injury cases for the firm with Mike Kaeske, who she considers a formidable trial lawyer and a master at presenting a case to a jury.  Their work includes products liability, premise liability, worker exposure, traumatic brain injury cases, tractor-trailer accidents, and environmental litigation.

Recently, she worked with Mike and a team of lawyers who successfully prosecuted cases against the world’s largest confined animal feeding operation (CAFO). An excellent team led by Mike Kaeske tried five cases to winning verdicts in federal court in Raleigh in a large, high-profile environmental injustice case. They secured not just winning verdicts, but a recent opinion by the Fourth Circuit affirming the verdicts (an opinion so salient it stands as one of the high points of her legal career). In his concurring opinion, Judge Wilkinson wrote: 

“At the end of all this wreckage lies an uncomfortable truth: these nuisance conditions were unlikely to have persisted for long—or even to have arisen at all—had the neighbors of Kinlaw Farms been wealthier or more politically powerful….All this and more this nuisance lawsuit has laid bare.” 

Having grown up on a wheat and cattle farm in Kansas, Lynn was committed to these cases because of the inequities created between the neighbors and the corporate hog producer, but also because of treatment of the animals.  As Judge Wilkinson wrote:

“How did it come to this? What was missing from Kinlaw Farms – and from Murphy-Brown—was the recognition that treating animals better will benefit humans. What was neglected is that animal welfare and human welfare, far from advancing at cross-purposes, are actually integrally connected. The decades-long transition to concentrated animal feeding operations (“CAFOs’) lays bare this connection, and the consequences of its breach, with startling clarity.”

Having completed her role in this years long litigation, she is now working to lay bare the next uncomfortable truth.

Currently, Lynn is working on issues relating to our criminal justice system. On a pro bono basis, she is assisting a friend who has been appointed as appellate counsel on a death penalty case, learning what she can from one of the finest appellate lawyers in Texas who has tirelessly represented individuals on death row for much of her career.


As a historian, Lynn is also writing an historical nonfiction book about the death penalty in the early Utah territorial period, looking specifically at firing squads and the issues raised by Wilkerson v. Utah, 99 U.S. 130 (1878), the first death penalty case decided the Supreme Court.


Lynn is also very actively involved in issues impacting the legal profession related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. She is an invited member of the Texas State Bar Taskforce assigned to investigate and address systemic problems within our practice related to these issues.



The University of Texas at Austin – M.A., Art History (Modern Era)

Thesis: Patterson v. Bonaparte. Emphasis on Women and Gender Studies.


Columbia Law School - J.D


U.T. El Paso - B.B.A. in Accounting with honors

Top Ten Senior, Student Association President; Outstanding Junior Accounting Major.



Texas and Utah



Southern District of Texas

Western District of Texas

Eastern District of Texas

Northern District of Texas

District of Utah


Texas Bar Association

Travis County Women’s Bar Association

Austin Bar Association

State Bar of Texas Women in Profession Committee

State Bar of Texas Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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